As an environmental scientist this topic is more relatable to me than the other topics we have discussed. My phone background is a picture of a sunset on the lake at home and my computer background is a picture I took of the Appalachian Mountains while I was in Austria. I had always associated my interests with these choices and not anything else. After reading Sue Thomas’s perspective on technobiophilia, it made me realize the relationship between nature and technology. I think that nowadays we spend so much time on our cell phones and computers, especially for work and school related activities. This makes us associate our technological devices with stress and anxiety. I think that seeing a beautiful picture of the outdoors gives us some piece of mind, maybe fills and empty space that has been caused by sitting in a cubicle for eight hours a day.


Digital Storytelling and Metaliteracy

Digital Storytelling is an interesting concept to me. I am constantly reading articles, especially on that are normally written by ordinary people, like me. I also listen to TED talks and speeches on YouTube on long road trips. The concept of Digital Storytelling allows for learning and creativity in a much more broadcasted way. More people are able to view and listen to these stories. More people are able to share these stories. And more people are able to give feedback and grow from these stories. An interesting aspect of Digital Storytelling are the different types. Twitter has a limited character allowance, so stories are short and sweet. There are blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, and more. These all portray stories in different ways, allowing the reader/listener to make what they want of a short tweet or visualize faces and places during an audio clip. #metaliteracy


I think one of the most fascinating things about today’s world is our limitless abilities to communicate with each other. With communication comes an outspread of ideas and an extended knowledge base. We have the ability to learn much more rapidly about millions of different things, share our opinions, and develop new thoughts and ideas. These new thoughts and ideas can then be shared to a large group of people. I hope to learn how to utilize different resources to my personal benefit. I work for a government research organization so improving my skills on gathering information that’s available to me would be very useful for my career. Metaliteracy is useful to me in many other ways. I enjoy music, cooking, and sports and #metaliteracy allows me to learn, communicate, and teach about subjects that are of interest to me. As a student, and as someone who actively likes to learn, metaliteracy places a huge role in my education and success.